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Niggas In Paris (Remix) - Calvin Coolidge


fuckin all your visuals hell of an individual 
and even in december well vie never a biblical 
remember when i render the better is so residual 
so let em go and get a fool and tell em the he pitiful 
i don’t trap dog but i rap dog
and we well connected like catdog 
i rep DC, caps dog 
and i think about money when im jacking off 
east side west side live it up
i see that v card give it up 
these bitches triny check like hockey but i don’t give a puck 
ball so hard all the girls wanna fuck me 
]only if they’re lucky 
cruzin like taio 
now i feel like yao
nothings above me 
fuck you you don’t owe me shit 
just play this station, sony shit 
i take your girl that phony bitch 
she swallow seamen like moby dick 
never will i live under another mans hands 
that shits retarded
like i do paint jobs on dodge rams
im a pick up artist 
six sick shit ether ether you da king? pleased to meet ya 
brag cause you got a queen but man some queens look just like queen latifah 
fucked a girl from new jersey, she don’t deserve me , she a dirty, whore. 
she asked me if i want some head, i said ehhh, jersey, sho. 
ball so hard mufuckas wanna foul me, but that shits dumb
cause the second that a motherfucker touches one of us ll be the second that
that fucker gets his shit jumped 
you good at the game but you cant win, you need to watch lebron play
cause the only james that has a ring is his motherfuckin fiancee 
you wanna get em we can hit em never loosen be winnin never trippen we can take em all out for sport 
we all be getting faded like an indoor ball on an outside court 
in the game no way you rainbow gay, you belong in a bag of skittles 
i been ballin since like six years old you just learned how to dribble 
for my town, i hold it down like place kicks, you fakin though 
you fake bitch, if you don’t like this, you tasteless, h2o 
executive branch and and reppin that shit till i step in the depths of the heavens and shit
and they hear what i spit and they sever wrist 
and so please can you tell me who’s better than this

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